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Main » 2011 » June » 20 » New design added!
4:31 PM
New design added!
I added a new design to the site, which I think, is better than before. It looks more attractive now. More updates might occur soon.  
Hope you like it too.
So please keep posting, and keep contributing...
PS: If it is mis-aligned, then refresh/reload the page.
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3 acrobatic  
No need to debate guys.This design is more classical and cool.But,when it comes to designs you should change it every season and for special holidays.It shows more spirit and "WOW!" thats very celebratish.So think of changing the theme for only major holidays and each season.Which were currently in Fall,and will be in Winter someday in December.Well,you should get this started.

1 RU-MAN  
good but i prefer
the old one tongue

2 Mugen_Boy  
But i liked this one better

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